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O Livro do Desporto

To celebrate the 2024 Olympics, the Penguin Random House Publisher calls me to illustrate this incredible book about sports.

It was a long, and complex project in which the task was to organize a large amount of information and illustrate it in a fun way. 

The more complex step was, at the same time:


to brainstorm creative solutions to illustrate the information,

to balance the amount of text with the space for the illustrations to stand out,


to ensure the text flows smoothly on the page.


I was the happiest each time I succeeded.

It was like solving puzzles!

Noticing a pattern in the text,
I suggested a graphic pattern to creat

a more intuitive reading: 

1) basic technical info under the sport's name, on the upper left;

2) a black box for the historical facts;

3) the iconic athletes depicted on stickers;

4) the "Where to find it" box in the bottom right, with a funny mascot related to the activity;

5) the background is the area where the sport takes place.

Every spread has great illustrated solutions that make the learning process easier and funnier.  Here are a few of them:

to apply video game aesthetics to talk about the Olympics fighting teams
to put funny disguises on footballs and rugby balls while explaining the similarities between the sp
turn this golf system visual (and insert a funny worm reacting)
to illustrate boxing moves instead of describe them
to use the traditional Portuguese tiles aesthetics + pictograms to illustrate the Portuguese paralym
to use humans instead of chess pieces

I'm very proud of my work here and it wouldn't have been possible without the great material provided by the writer, Luís Cristóvão, and all the support and guidance of the editors. It was a great team ❤️ 

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