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Paper toys

I'm not great at geometry, but somehow, I manage to create beautiful paper toys.

I make them for publishers, schools, events, companies, or just for myself. Take a look at some of them.

The Paper Art Collection is a personal project still in progress. It would be 5 paper toys based on famous artworks.

The first one was, of course, the most famous painting in the world: Mona Lisa. You also can change the mysterious smile for other expressions and even draw one!

To download:

This siren is one of
twelve Brazilian folklore characters that I created for SESC - a non-profit institute in Brazil.

This pink-haired warrior is Plumba, a graphic novel character created by some talented friends.

I made the paper toy as a gift to them.

Meet the Famazings! They are Faber-Castell Germany's characters -
a family of Super Heroes.

The paper toys were displayed and distributed at their booth during CCXP Cologne 2019.

And that's my Harry Potter Paper Toys Collection. It's a personal project that I made many years ago before the author revealed herself as a horrible person.

I still appreciate my work, though.

If you want to download

the Harry Potter Paper Toys

Collection for free

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