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Advertising, brands, toys, mobile games, board games, decoration...

I'm happy to work on anything, as long as it sounds fun.

Dino Durp is a pack of skins I created for Miniclip's game  It was one of the most enjoyable projects I've ever worked on.

Here are some
sketches that
didn't make
the cut, but we had a great
time working
on them

I had the freedom to create funny dinos, incorporating nonsensical humor and meme references.

It was a really dynamic and collaborative process. 

Miniclip was completely on board with the style direction and the final results.


Unilever's Cremogema is the most traditional porridge brand in Brazil. It was part of most of our childhood memories. I'm proud to have created their current mascots!

Since the desired animals were already determined, I was tasked with creating cute flat design characters.


These characters would be used across a range of products. Additionally, each character needed extra elements and activities associated with them.

Later, they introduced a new line, and we further developed the mascots with different poses.

Here are some of the sketches.

Coleção Folclore Brasileiro

The Brazilian Folklore Collection is one of the many collections published by Folha de São Paulo, one of the largest media companies in Brazil.

Folklore is one of my favorite subjects to illustrate!

I was excited to collaborate on creating their advertising illustrations.


The challenge here was to design independent characters that could be used in a variety of positions across the advertising pieces.

Additionally, all characters should be looking at a point where a photo of a child would be placed.

With this in mind, I designed the characters in three different height groups. The taller ones had clear areas below the neck to accommodate the shorter ones.


I was really pleased with the final result.

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