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Personal Projects

In my personal projects, I express myself—sharing perspectives, emotions, or just silly humor.

The Little Red Hiding Hood

That's one of my personal projects, published by Bamboozinho Editorial.

I took the classic version but added a modern twist to the character design. Why I did it? Well... why not?

Fairytales are continually adapted to resonate with contemporary society, which makes them fascinating.

With this adaptation,

my hope was not only for black little girls to feel seen and included in society.


I also wanted all children
to embrace diversity in
main roles, beyond
just white individuals.

I also appreciate the Bad Wolf's concept: a negative space. A white, fluid, almost amorphous form that merges with the background.

It aligns well with his sneaky and dubious personality.


I created this one during the COVID lockdown when everyone, especially us Latinos, deeply missed the warmth of hugs.

Physical touch is a significant part of our culture.

The title not only signifies the next character in line but also encapsulates the essence of a hug: keeping those you love close and passing that love forward.

as it was a personal project, I allowed myself the freedom to be more playful with the character designs.

If you'd like to download the full free pdf

No Meu Tempo
Não Tinha Disso

The English equivalent of this title might be "There was no such thing back in my days." It's a phrase that older, homophobic (and usually ugly) people use when the topic is LGBTQIA+ rights.

Using charming illustrations and a compelling narrative, I've proved them wrong.

I found old photos from the late 1800s/early 1900s featuring LGBTQIA+ individuals expressing their identities.


Turning these historical records into charming and delicate drawings, I emphasize that, indeed, we've been here all along.

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