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Interestingly, my bachelor's degree included audiovisual production. I used to work in that field before becoming an illustrator!

So, I enjoy being part of the animation production process, and I can be quite helpful. And, of course, I love seeing my illustrations come to life.

Grandes Biografias para Crianças

This is the animated advertisement for "Big Biographies for Kids," a children's book collection published by Folha de São Paulo.

Folha is one of the largest media companies in Brazil.

I created the script, storyboard, and illustrations.

The ad was broadcasted on TV and social media platforms.

Health Ministry Campaign

"Kids against Zika" is one of several animations that was part of the Brazil's Federal Government Vaccination Campaign.

The graphic style
(cordel art) and the script
were predetermined.

I contributed to the
project by creating the storyboard and illustrations.

The music was composed by Zeca Baleiro, a renowned Brazilian singer/songwriter.

The animation was
produced by Hilda Motion.

Educational Projects

I love to talk, especially about illustration. So, when amazing brands ask me to record art classes, I say "yes" in a heartbeat.

In my Domestika course, I teach how to create an illustrated book starting from the sketch (actually, starting before that).

My focus is on explaining how illustrators can express their personality and perspective through their artwork.

I had SUCH a great time!
I'm thrilled with the results and feedback. Thank you so much, Domestika Team!

Faber-Castell invited me to collaborate with them on developing a few online art classes for beginners.

I do have a long-lasting relationship with Faber-Castell. I was also part of some other videos, campaigns, social events, surveys, and projects.

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