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I'm Daniel Wu, a freelance illustrator based in

Hamburg, Germany, and represented by Beehive Illustration agency 🐝.

I was born and raised in Brazil (with a Chinese background) and have always been fascinated by pizza, horror movies, picture books, and the narrative power of illustration.

I hold a degree in social communication but have been working as a freelance illustrator for the last ten years.

In 2019, my husband and I moved to Portugal. Then, at the end of 2020, we had the opportunity to come to Hamburg, where we've been living ever since.

My style is cartoon-like, colorful, full of storytelling, expression, pop, and classic references – all with a dash of humor. I work on projects such as books, magazines, advertising, websites, games, animations, educational projects, or anything that sounds fun. 

I've had the pleasure of working with great clients such as Penguin Random House, Faber-Castell, Domestika, Pepsico, Unilever, Avon, Storytime Magazine, and almost all Brazilian publishers.

Thank you for stopping by! You can find me more often on my social media. Come and say hi!


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Daniel Wu   he/him

An illustrator happily married to food


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