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Viva o Circo

This project, published by Nucleo Publisher, aims to introduce the circus universe to kids.

Clowns, jugglers, magicians – all of them filling a world of fantasy, vibrant colors, and endless possibilities.

circus; illustration

The only composition with a horizontal background is the first spread.

Once inside the circus, there's pure chaos and energy.

circus; illustration

A musical broom, floating dancers, a postcard from a lion - I decided that inside the circus, nothing is impossible. And the editor loved the idea!

circus; illustration; lion; dnepwu; Daniel Wu

I aimed to create a vibrant, colorful universe without cluttered compositions. So, for each spread, I chose one predominant color and its complementary hue.


As a result, the colorful experience is not just in each illustration but throughout the entire book.

circus; illustration

To fully grasp the circus fantasy, its history, and even its structure, I spent weeks conducting research.

Books, photos, shows, series, movies, animations, documentaries, and even music – everything ewas incredibly helpful!

circus; illustration; Dnepwu; Daniel Wu
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